Who to Call with Questions About Insurance Coverage & Billing

Below are the contact numbers for the billing departments for the Facility Fees and Physician Fees. You may need to contact multiple departments with your insurance coverage and billing questions.

Estimates & Coverage Questions

Facility Fees for Concord Endoscopy Center & Concord Hospital – Call Concord Hospital Cost of Care Estimates at (603) 227-7788 or visit  https://www.concordhospital.org/patients-visitors/cost-of-care-estimates/ 

Facility Fees for Concord Hospital Laconia – Call Laconia Cost of Care Estimates at (603) 527-2990 or visit https://concordhospital-laconia.org/patient-financial-services/ 

Concord Hospital Gastroenterology Provider Fees - Call Concord Hospital Cost of Care Estimates at (603) 227-7788 or visit https://www.concordhospital.org/patients-visitors/cost-of-care-estimates/

Dartmouth Hitchcock Provider Fees – Call Dartmouth Hitchcock Financial Responsibility Department at (603) 629-1726

Questions About a Bill or Paying a Bill

Concord Endoscopy Center & Concord Hospital – Call Concord Hospital Billing Department at (603) 228-7145 or visit https://www.concordhospital.org/patients-visitors/billing-insurance-financial-assistance/pay-your-bill/ 

Concord Hospital Laconia – Call Laconia Billing Department at (603) 527-2864 or visit https://concordhospital-laconia.org/online-bill-payment/ 

Dartmouth Hitchcock Provider Fee – Call Dartmouth Hitchcock Billing Department at (844) 808-0730

Possible Anesthesia Fees

Typically, sedation and medications are included in the facility charge. Occasionally however, your provider will request anesthesia, usually MAC (monitored anesthesia care), that requires services provided by an anesthesiologist. This charge would be separate from the professional or facilities fee. You may contact Anesthesia Associates with any questions regarding billing, insurance coverage, or potential fees at (603) 224-4776 if you are scheduled to have your procedure performed with MAC at either Concord Hospital or Concord Endoscopy Center.

Laboratory Fees

Concord Endoscopy Center - You will need to contact your insurance to find out if your specimens should be sent to either Concord Hospital Lab or Quest Diagnostics. You will be asked to select a lab when you are being registered for your procedure.

Concord Hospital - Any specimens will automatically be sent to their lab.